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Creative Adventure Lab has been around since 2008 and, during that time, we've developed a proven model to inspire creativity among kids and kids at heart. We're now making our model available to other communities for the first time ever. If you're interested in partnering with us to launch a Creative Adventure Lab in your community, please email to start a conversation.

While not required to start the conversation, to successfully launch a lab you'll need an appropriate physical facility, someone to help coordinate the effort, and approximately $25,000-$50,000 to fund startup costs (activities, furnishings, equipment, etc), depending on your facility size and lab layout.


You'll also want to think about who in your community you could approach to sponsor your lab and help support operational costs.

Creative Adventure Lab was developed as part of a larger nonprofit organization, called Idea Bright. We are not a franchise organization and prioritize positive community impact over profits. While we'll help you get launched and provide ongoing advice, systems, and support, you and your team will be responsible for managing and evolving your local Creative Adventure Lab facility to meet your local community's needs.

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